Key to the Eulophia group B
Pseudobulbs large, mostly above ground.

1 Leaves not noticeably plicate, blades succulent or coriaceous  2
1a Leaves plicate, relatively thin-textured 5
2 Leaf margins serrate; sepals more than 15 mm long  3
2a Leaf margins not serrate; sepals up to 10 mm long  4
3 Leaves 4–5, leathery; column with 2 papillae on underside  Eulophia leachii 
3a Leaves 2–4, succulent; column lacking papillae  Eulophia petersii
4 Pseudobulbs cane-like, 15–50 cm long; leaves present at flowering time; inflorescence unbranched; lip bilobed  Eulophia biloba
4a Pseudbulbs conical, 3–10 cm long; leaves absent at flowering time; inflorescence usually branched; lip entire Eulophia callichroma
5 Lip 25–35 mm long, pink or purple; spur 10–25 mm long  Eulophia guineensis
5a Lip less than 15 mm long, mainly yellow; spur less than 5 mm long  6
6 Petals oblong, twice as long as wide, green; lip mid-lobe bilobed, flat; spur globose Eulophia pulchra
6a Petals orbicular or broadly ovate, yellow; lip mid-lobe reduplicate; spur conical Eulophia streptopetala

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 27/07/2019