Dendrobium - Cool-growing species


In this group of Dendrobium orchids you will also find the miniature Dendrobium orchids that originate from areas like New Guinea. The specific Dendrobium orchid that comes to mind here is the Dendrobium cuthbertsonii. This Dendrobium orchid thrives in warm climates when conditions are cool. And they do equally well in tropical climates in controlled greenhouse conditions.


The flowers in the warm-growing Dendrobium orchid range come in many different shades: Yellow, orange, red, pink, bi-colored, and so much more. These small Dendrobium orchids in maturity only reach a height of about 5 cm (that is 2 inches). They are best cultivated on tree ferns where they can also enjoy the benefits of an occasional cool cloud cover.


This particular Dendrobium orchid can be successfully cultivated in small pots, on slabs of osmunda or even rafts of tree ferns. You need to ensure to always give the Dendrobium orchid regular water. You also need to feed it on a regular basis with a weak solution of general orchid fertilizer. Always ensure that the Dendrobium orchid with its little bulbs is kept plump.