Bulbophyllum section Pantoblepharon Schlechter, Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33 ,179-81;184-7 (1925)
Type species:
Bulbophyllum pantoblepharon Schltr.
Epiphytes or lithophytes with creeping rhizomes. Pseudobulbs clustered to distant, flattened or not, 1-leaved. Inflorescence heteranthous, 1- to many-flowered, on an elongate raceme with spirally arranged flowers; rachis nit thickened, round in section. Flowers resupinate. Sepals free, glabrous abaxially. Petals with entire to distally erose margins, papillose to ciliate. Labellum mobile, undivided, margins entire, ciliate (papillose in Bulbophylluum musicola Rchb.f.). Column with triangular, acute stelidia, with or without a tooth along the lower margin. Anther with or without a rounded protrusion that does not overtop the anterior margin.
Fifteen species in humid montane forests in Madagascar and Mascarenes.
Madagascar and Mascarenes.


Bulbophyllum discilabium H.Perrier N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum latipetalum H.Perrier N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum onivense H.Perrier C. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum pantoblepharon Schltr. N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum pantoblepharon var. pantoblepharon. N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum pantoblepharon var. vestitum H.Perrier ex Hermans. N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum pleurothallopsis Schltr. N. Madagascar.

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