Bulbophyllum Section Trichopus Schlechter (1924)


Small plants not more than 10cm. tall, pseudobulbs unifoliate; inflorescence several flowered (more than 6 flowered), longer than the bulbs and leaf; raceme with its rachis sinuate, flowers distant, regularly alternate; peduncle longer than the rachis; sepals free: labellum ciliate; stelides and column short.

Type: Bulbophyllum intertextum Lindley (1862).


Bulbophyllum andohahelense H.Perrier SW. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum boiteaui H.Perrier C. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum ciliatilabrum H.Perrier NE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum hyalinum Schltr. Comoros, N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum intertextum Lindl. Madagascar, Seychelles.
Bulbophyllum nigriflorum H.Perrier Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum obscuriflorum H.Perrier N. Madagascar.

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