Bulbophyllum perrieri Schltr., Ann. Inst. Bot.-Géol. Colon. Marseille, III, 1: 180 (1913).

Plants generally 25cm tall; rhizome thick (6-10 mm in diameter) and short; pseudobulbs narrowly connical (2-3.5 cm x 6-8 mm), very closely set to the rhizome, enveloped when young by thick, loose sheaths, obtuse or bilobulate apically. Leaves oblanceolate (15-20 x 1-1.8 cm), gradually attenuate from near the apex to the base in a 3 cm long petiole. Inflorescence equaling or longer than the leaves; peduncle clad with 5-6 thin, appressed sheaths, 12 mm long; rachis bent, slightly dense, 3.5-10 cm long and 15-20 flowered; rachis slightly thicker than the apex of the peduncle; bracts oval, wide, nearly as long as the flowers; flowers glabrous, 7 mm long generally. Sepals oval-obtuse, 3 veined, the median wide and shorter (3.8-4 x 3-3.2 mm) than the laterals (4.5 mm) and dilate on the front margin. Petals orbicular (1.5- 2.7 mm in diameter) and 1veined. Labellum curved, squared basally, obtuse apically, 3.Smm long and bicostulate medially above. Column very short, thicker than tall; foot elongated (2 mm); stelides deltoid acute, 0.8-1 mm tall. Pedicel sessile, 2.2 mm long and with 5 obsolete wings.

Epiphytes; in forests, from 1600 m alt.; flowering in January.

N. Madagascar