Bulbophyllum obscuriflorum H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 6: 78 (1937).

Pseudobulbs very compressed, depressed-orbicular (8-12 mm in diameter) and unifoliate. Leaves oblanceolate (15-35 x 4-6 mm), attenuate from the superior quarter to the narrowly sub petiolate base. Inflorescence 4-5 cm tall, thin and upright; peduncle equal to or slightly longer than the leaf, loosely clad with 4-5 obtuse sheaths; rachis half as long as the peduncle, rachis thin, slightly sinuate and with 8-10 dark red flowers, nearly black, when live and dried and 5 mm long; bracts thick, concave, oval, slightly acute, longer (3-3.5 mm) than the pedicel. Sepals oval, 3.5-4 mm long and apiculate apically, opaque and ciliate, the laterals slightly shorter than the median. Petals white when live, widely oval (1.4 x l mm), shortly acute, thin, hyaline and without visible veins. Labellum of a very dark red (when dried), 2.3 mm long, very narrowly spatulate, gutter shaped medially and thickened basally, dilate above in an obtuse node and with the claw wide and thick below, margins flat and ciliolate, lower part compressed laterally and the upper half gradually dilate in a thick lamina, obtuse and canaliculate above. Column short, foot thick, provided in front of the stigma, at this point or slightly above with 2 obtuse teeth; stelides acute, l mm long. Anther (0.5 mm) provided in front with a truncate tongue, larger than its self. Pedicel glabrous, 2 mm long. Capsule oval (5 x 3.2 mm), very shortly pedicellate.

Epiphytes; in dry forests, from 400 m alt.; flowering in January.

N. Madagascar