Bulbophyllum nigriflorum H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 6: 80 (1937).

Pseudobulbs very small, orbicular and unifoliate. Leaf oblanceolate-linear (30-50 x 3-4 mm), apiculate apically, attenuate from the apex to the base, Inflorescence 2-3 times longer than the leaf; peduncie nearly filiform. 8-10 cm tall, clad with 3-4 appressed and very thin sheaths, 5 mm long; rachis thin, 1.2- 5 cm long, less dense, 6-21 flowered; flowers nearly black, finely pubescent, fleshy and to nearly 5 mm long; bracts obtuse, 1.8 mm long, equaling nearly a third the length of the pedicel. Sepals (3-4 x 2 mm) cilioate, 3 veined, obtuse and apiculate, the laterals longer than the median. Petals wider (1.4 mm) than tall (1 mm) and ciliolate. Labellum oblanceolate (2 x 0.8 mm), very obtuse, ciliate with long silk. Column l mm tall, thicker, margins slightly dilate-rounded below the rostellum; stelides (0.5 mm) notched apically on the posterior side, acute on the other; posterior margin of the clinandrium dilate in a deltoid-acute tooth supporting the anther (staminal filiment). Anther (0.5 mm) provided apically with an obtuse tongue, slightly thinner than itself. Pedicel glabrous, 1.2 mm long.

Epiphytes; in forests, from 1000 m alt.; flowering in February.

EC. Madagascar