Bulbophyllum multiligulatum H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 6: 92 (1937).

Pseudobulbs bifoliate, elongated, narrowly oval (3-4.5 x 2 cm), of a brilliant yellow orange and 5 angled. Leaves oblanceolate (12-19 x 1-1.4 cm), longly attenuate on a short petiole. Inflorescence 2 or 3 times longer than the leaves; peduncle short (4-8 cm), bearing 6-7 appressed sheaths; rachis 3-4 times longer than the peduncle, sinuate; bracts narrow and subacute, 6-lOmm long, generally half the length of the pedicel; flowers very loosely arranged, sprinkled behind with furfuraceous points and 25-27 mm long. Sepals lanceolate-acute (13 x 2.5 mm), 3 veined and with the median vein projecting on the external surface. Petals very small, obtuse and a slight l mm long. Labellum very thick, generally 7 mm long (without the silk or appendage), inferior half sub cylindrical, curved, deeply canaliculate above and ciliate with red slik, non caducous, to 1.5 mm long; apical half oval-lanceolate, thick and 2 mm wide, keeled above and provided, near the apex (obtuse) with a tuft (very dense) with lingulate-linear, very numerous, very mobile, very caducous and 5-6 mm long. Column thick, wider (1.5 mm) than tall (1.2 mm), margins provided with a narrow tooth, acute and short (0.4 mm) on the edges of the stigma; foot very short; stelides entire, 1 .5mm long, incurved apically. Anther with an elongated filiment (bum.) and thin, very large (1.2 mm wide), with the front appendage thick, connical, obtuse and very short (0.3 mm). Pedicel 12- 14 mm long. Capsule elliptical (20-22 x 9-10 mm), margins not marked, entirely sessile.

Epiphytes; in forests, between 1200 and 1500 m alt.; flowering in April.

N. & NW. Madagascar