Bulbophyllum lyperocephalum Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33: 182 (1924).

Plants small, 2-3 cm tall; rhizome 1.5-2 cm in diameter; pseudobulbs 1.5-2.5 cm apart, sub-globulous or shortly ovoid (4-5 mm tall and wide), reddish and unifoliate. Leaf elliptical or oval (1.5-2 x .8- 1.1 cm), obtuse or apiculate apically and rounded basally. Inflorescence ordinarily slightly longer than the leaf; peduncle slightly flexous, bearing several sheaths and 2-2.5 cm long; rachis short and capituliform, sub-globulous (5-6 mm in diameter) and densely 6-12 flowered; bracts oval-apiculate, slightly shorter than the flowers; flowers greenish, small (5 mm) and glabrous. Sepals oval (3 x 1 .7 mm), and apiculate, the median with 3 reddish veins, very apparent and projecting behind, the laterals with only 2 similar veins. Petals oblong-lingulate (2.5 x 8 mm) slightly acute and with 3 reddish veins, the laterals of which are marginal. Labellum (2 x 1.25 mm) pleated-curved, with a very thick base, keeled basally and gutter shaped above, with 2 projecting, thick horns, rounded apically. Column short (to about l mm); with a thickened, connical, reddish apical point situated very obviously below the rostellum; column foot 1.25 mm long; stelides obtuse, 5 mm tall. Ovary obconnical, 1.5 mm long.

Epiphytes; in forests, from 800-900 m alt.; flowering in January.

N. & ENE. Madagascar