Bulbophyllum hyalinum Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33: 184 (1924).

Plants 5-8 cm tall, pseudobulbs very tightly compressed, short, ovoid or subglobulous (6-8 x 4- 6 mm), and unifoliate. Leaf oblong or lingulate-oblong (16-23 x 4-5.5 mm) shortly contracted basally. Inflorescence very thin, 2-3 times longer than the leaf; peduncle generally 3.5cm long, bearing a small number of sheaths; rachis longer (generally 3.5 cm long, bearing a small number of sheaths; rachis longer (generally 4.5 cm), flexuous and 8-15 flowered; flowers white when live, hyaline when dried and 5 mm long; bracts thin, oval-apiculate. longer than the pedicel. Sepals oval, very acute, 1 veined, 3 mm long, the laterals with the vein projecting exteriorly. Petals oblong, obtuse, 1veined, half as long as the sepals and with the margins shortly ciliolate. Labellum longer than the sepals, curved oblong, obtuse, ciliate marginally and provided on each edge with a small lobule (triangular-obtuse) toward the base and ciliolate. Column short (less than l mm), foot 2 mm long; stelides triangular, divided apically in 2 unequal-acute teeth. Pedicel glabrous, 2 mm long.

Epiphytes; in forests, from 400-1200 m alt.; flowering: January-May.

Comoros, N. Madagascar