Bulbophyllum ciliatilabrum H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 6: 79 (1937).

Plants to 10 cm tall, rhizome thin (a slight l mm in diameter); pseudobulbs closely appressed, depressed-orbicular (3-4 mm in diameter) and unifoliate. Leaf oblanceolate-linear (l5-20 x 1.5-2 mm), gradually attenuate from the apex to the base. Inflorescence equal or slightly longer than the leaf; peduncle setiform 2.5-5 cm long, clad with 3-4 thin, elongated sheaths; rachis thin, 5-8 mm in length, 5-7 flowered; flowers very distant, small (3 mm) and of a nearly black purple (when dried); bracts hyaline and obtuse, equaling nearly half the length of the pedicel. Sepals oval-lanceolate, subacute, generally 2 mm long, the laterals slightly longer and more acute than the median. Petals lanceolate (0.7 x 0.3 mm), obtuse and ciliate. Labellum oblanceolate, 1.2 mm long, cordate basally, provided with 2 small auricies and above with an obtuse, callus projecting in front, and on the upper part (the upper three-quarters generally) slightly enlarged-spatulate (0.3 mm), ciliate with long, white hairs on the margins and obtuse apically. Column depressed, slightly projecting; foot without teeth; stelides acute, longer (0.6 mm) than the column. Anther very small (0.2 mm) provided in front with a larger, ciliolate tongue wider than its self. Pedicel glabrous of a slight l mm long. Capsule globulous (3 mm in diameter), shortly (l mm) pedicellate.

Epiphytes; in forests, from 800-900 m alt.; flowering in January.

ENE. Madagascar