Bulbophyllum boiteaui H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 8: 38 (1939).

Pseudobulbs depressed, orbicular (10-12 mm in diameter), monofoliate. Leaf slightly oblanceolate (62 x 6 mm), attenuate from the upper third toward both ends, in a sub obtuse angle apically and petiolate toward the base. Inflorescence to 20cm tall; peduncle rigid and filiform, 12-15 cm long, clad with 4-5 thin, narrowly appressed, 67mm long at most sheaths; rachis 4-7 cm long, very loose, unilateral, 14-22 flowered; flowers of a violet-black and large (8-9 mm long); bracts oval-obtuse, equaling the pedicel. Sepals widely elliptical, thin, 3 veined, of a violet-black, ciliolate, apiculate, 6-7cm long, the median wider (2.5 mm) than the laterals (2 mm). Petals hyaline, orbicular (l mm in diameter), longly ciliate with mossy hairs. Labellum of a violet-black, straight or slightly gutter shaped medially, 2.5 mm long, very narrow, 0.5 mm wide at most basally, or thickened in a tripod (basal insertation triangular and with 2 auricules of the same form), narrowed above, then dilate apically in a small ciliate marginally spatule. Anther provided in front with a small rounded tongue, non ciliate. Pedicel glabrous, obconnical, 2.5 mm long.

This species is very close to Bulbophyllum nigriflorum, but differs by the flowers being twice as large and the labellum of a totally different form.

C. Madagascar