Bulbophyllum andohahelense H.Perrier, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 8: 37 (1939).

Plants 5-7 cm tall; rhizome very thick (l mm) for the section; pseudobulbs monofoliate, depressed, orbicular (5 mm in diameter when dried), 10-15 mm apart. Leaf oblanceolate (15-35 x 2.5-6 mm), much wider in the apical quarter, attenuate from this point of the petiolate base, narrow, 5-8mm long, very obtuse apically. Inflorescence slightly longer than the leaf, less filiform than the other species of the section; peduncle 10-20 mm long, shorter than the leaf, clad with appressed sheaths, not covering more than a quarter the length of the internodes; rachis with 3-7 flowers, 10-15 mm long, very loose (flowers 2-3 mm apart); bracts slightly longer than the pedicel (1 .5-2 mm), acute and nearly wider than tall. Sepals ciliate, of a nearly black violet (when dried), the median oval (4.5 x 2.5 mm), angular apically and 3 veined, the laterals slightly larger (5 x 2.8 mm), 4 veined, the anterior half slightly dilate and having one vein more than the other half, narrower. Petals hyaline, orbicular (1 .2 mm in diameter), without obvious veins, ciliate with long cilia (more or less longer than those of the sepals). Labellum straight, 2.5 mm long, thick and dark red (when dried), oblanceolate-spatulate, bilobed basally, the lobes separated by a deep sinus which takes the place of the insertation of the labellum and the column foot, much taller in the lower third, of a membrane, hyaline, orbicular and shortly ciliate, much wider (0.6 mm) apically, very obtuse and ciliate with long hairs, from this point gradually attenuate toward the base, the cilia on the edge slowly diminishing in length. Column short; stelides narrowly triangular-acute, 1mm long; foot short (l mm), very dilate-thick and trisinuate apically. Anther 0.7mm long provided apically with an obtuse ciliate tongue, narrower than its self. Pedicel l mm long.

Epiphytes; in ericoid bushes, from 1800-2000 m all; fiowering in January.

SE. Madagascar