Bulbophyllum section Elasmotopus Schlechter, Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33,211-15 (1925)
Type species:
Bulbophyllum oxycalyx Schltr.
Epiphytes or lithophytes with creeping rhizomes. Pseudobulbs distant, not laterally flattened, 1- or 2-leaved. Inflorescence heteranthous, 1- to many-flowered, elongate raceme with spirally arranged flowers; rachis not thickened, round in section. Flowers resupinate. Sepals freem glabrous abaxially. Petal margins entire, glabrous to distally minutely papillose. Labellum mobile, undivided, thick, or with a thick basal part and a thin apical part, apical part with an adaxial cavity near the apex or apical part of the labellum curved upwards or with both characters combined; margins entire, glabrous or partly ciliate, adaxial side without ridges, or with inconspicuous ridges with an entire edge. Column with deltoid to triangular, acute stelidiam with or without a tooth along the lower margin. Anther with a rounded protrusion that overtops the anterior margin.
Ten species in humid forests at all elvations.


Bulbophyllum amphorimorphum H.Perrier Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum aubrevillei Bosser NE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum francoisii H.Perrier Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum francoisii var. andrangense (H.Perrier) Bosser SE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum francoisii var. francoisii. NE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum gracile Thouars Mauritius.
Bulbophyllum kieneri Bosser NE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum oxycalyx Schltr. N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum oxycalyx var. oxycalyx N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum oxycalyx var. rubescens (Schltr.) Bosser N. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum rauhii Toill.-Gen. & Bosser Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum rauhii var. andranobeense Bosser NE. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum rauhii var. rauhii C. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum rubrum Jum. & H.Perrier N. & NW. Madagascar.
Bulbophyllum therezienii Bosser SE. Madagascar.

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