Calanthe madagascariensis Rolfe ex Hook.f., Bot. Mag. 127: t. 7780 (1901).
Heterotypic Synonyms:
Calanthe warpuri Rolfe, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1906: 85 (1906).
Plants 30-50 cm. tall; pseudobulb often solitary, flat, elongated (nearly 20 cm.). in the form of a narrow rhizome; roots glabrous; leaves 5-10, petiolate (petiole 5-7 cm. long) limbus elliptical-acuminate (10- 13 x 3-4,4 cm.), compressed basally with the margins slightly undulate. Lnflorescence 20-27 cm.; peduncle finely papillous toward the apex; cluster shortly 5-10 flowered; bracts lanceolate subacute, much shorter titan the pedicel; flowers violet, very large. Sepals elliptical-acute, l5 mm. long and 5 veined. Petals 3 veined. Labellum with a 3.5 mm. unguis. entirely adnate to the column, limbus square-oblong (8 x 4 mm above the base and 5.5 mm. apically), truncate-very obtuse basally, slightly contracted medially and trincate-very obtuse with a small median apicule apically; provided basally with 2 calluses and in front, with median row of small bumps becoming smaller toward the apex; spur cylindrical, narrow andthin. generally 2.3 cm. long. Pedicel slightly puberulent-papillous, generally 2 cm long.
In mossy forests. from 1700 m. alt.; flowering: October.
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