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Hello all visitors
I have started a major update of this site with lots of pictures. I have begun with a genus Aerangis and so on with the genus Angraecum and come to Angraecopsis.I continue with genera in Angraecoid and later all genus with life form geophytes (Habenaria, Disa and so on) and last all genus with a lifeform of Pseudobulb epiphyte (the genus Bulbophyllum are with a be reviewed). if you find some pages where images are missing and you have some you'd like to share with us, you are welcome to send them to me so I can have set them in.
You can write to me using the contact form on the site.
Attention: Many new images every single day
Genus some are up to date with text and photo:

Aerangis 19.01.2017 Diaphananthe 27.02.2017 Lemurella 10.03.2017 Sphyrarhynchus 16.03.2017 Cardiochilos 22.03.2017
Aeranthes 21.01.2017 Erasanthe
Lemurorchis 10.03.2017 Solenangis  16.03.2017 Ossiculum 22.03.2017
Angraecum 24.01.2017 Eurychone
Chauliodon  12.03-2017 Sobennikoffia  16.03.2017 Tridactyle  22.03.2017
Angraecopsis 14.02.2017 Listrostachys  01.03.2007
Ancistrorhynchus  12.03-2017 Summerhayesia  16.03.2017

Polystachya 20.07.2019

 Still working

Jumellea 19.02.2017 Margelliantha  03.03.2017
Beclardia  12.03.2017 Eggelingia  16.03.2017  Hederorkis 20.07.2019
Bolusiella 24.02.2017 Microcoelia  07.03.2017
Plectrelminthus  12.03.2017 Dinklageella  17.03.2017    
Calyptrochilum 24.02.2017 Mystacidium  08.03.2017
Podangis  12.03.2017 Distylodon  17.03.2017    
Cribbia 25.02.2017 Neobathiea  09.03.2017
Nephrangis  12.03.2017 Rangaeris  17.03.2017    
Cryptopus 25.02.2017 Oeonia  09.03.2017
Ypsilopus  15.03.2017 Rhaesteria  18.03.2017    
Cyrtorchis 26.02.2017 Oeoniella  10.03.2017
Triceratorhynchus  16.03.2017 Rhipidoglossum  18.03.2017    

I started working on this website on the 1st of April 2008 and will continue working on it and update it, every time new information comes to my knowledge. At the moment it is far from finished but the work continues.

Me? I have work as a trained gardener in many years with many different plants, among them orchid. Today I work mostly with systematic botanic. I'm just a hobbyist who loves orchids. I have my orchid in greenhouse, where my collection of cold and intermediate orchids grows.

Orchids have been my passion through the last 35 years. And now is time to share my knowledge with all of you. The will cover the entire African region, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles.

I have a question for you, the visitor of African treasures, one of the biggest problems I have, is to find photos of all African species, varieties. I mean not just photos of the flower, but photos of the whole plant, characteristic details, side views of flowers, in their natural habitat, line drawing etc. So if you have photos that are legally yours, and you are willing to let me use them on this website, please let me know. Of course your name or the name of your company will be right next to the photos. Other information, comments or suggestions are welcome as well.

This website has so far as possible respect the copyright of images used in this website. It has not always been possible to locate the image author. If there are any legitimate claims, they will be honored.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Charlotte Leth